We want to thank the many users that joined us over the last months.

We collected a lot of feedback and are taking a break from WeDrive. If you missed the chance to drive electric, check out 100% electric carsharing from WeShare.

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Power consumption, kWh/100 km: combined 13.8 - 12.9; CO₂-emission combined, g/km: 0; Efficiency class: A+   |   *plus €59 delivery charge

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How to subscribe to your e-Golf

Comfortable like your own car, but much more flexible.



Sign up here and order your e-Golf. Since it's already pre-configured, delivery is super fast.



Pay per month and drive the e-Golf like your own car! Except for charging and parking, all costs are already included in the monthly rate.


Drop off

You can cancel your WeDrive subscription anytime after a minimum term of three months. The cancellation period is four weeks.

Your subscription, our services.

Wear & Tear

No need to worry about inspections and repairs. They're included in your WeDrive subscription.


So long, insurance check! The insurance for your car is already included in the monthly price.

WeDrive Guarantee

Something wrong with your e-Golf? Just contact customer service.


If the e-Golf needs new tires, we replace them – it's also part in your subscription.


The GEZ fee for the e-Golf media system is included in your monthly payment.

Registration & Inspection

We'll cover the car registration for you – and also the costs for the inspection.

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Electrically through the city – and beyond

The e-Golf is the perfect city car: emission-free, dynamic and comfortable. With a range of up to 230km, you can plan your trips to the countryside with peace of mind. And with the WeDrive plan, you always remain flexible while staying mobile.

Power consumption

13.8-12.9 kWh/100km


0 g/km

Efficiency class


170–230 km





Eco mode

Less consumption

Charging cable

Fast charging cable

Multimedia system

CD, Bluetooth, USB

Navigation system


Parking assistance

Rear view camera


CarPlay & Android Auto

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Ways to charge your e-Golf

1. At home

The e-Golf can be charged at a normal household power outlet. However, we still recommend a charging station, as it is simply much faster.

2. On the road

The in-car navigation display makes it easy to find charging stations around you. As an alternative for the smartphone we recommend the App Plugsurfing. We'll provide you a Plugsurfing key card so you can access Europe's largest network of charging stations.

What our customers
say about WeDrive

What else would you like to know?

Where is WeDrive available?

We will be starting in August 2020 and will initially offer WeDrive in and close to Berlin.

Who can use WeDrive?

To use WeDrive, you must be at least 21 years old and have held a Class B driving licence for at least one year. You can also add up to two other drivers to your subscription. The same conditions apply to them. Please note: Each additional driver must be registered in the same household as you.

What is included in the price?

The monthly rate covers all the usual fixed costs. Here you can see what they are. Only the charging and parking costs of your e-Golf are not included in the price.

How many free kilometers are included per month?

The standard monthly subscription includes 1,000 free kilometers. If you want to drive more, you can add one of our two kilometer packages. Your monthly rate will then change accordingly. And each additional kilometer costs you €0.20.

Where can I charge the car?

Every charging station that you see in the navigation display is suitable for the e-Golf. As an alternative for your smartphone, we recommend the "Plugsurfing" app, which shows you all suitable charging points nationwide. To use a charging station, you need a charging card, which you get with your car. The costs for recharging at public charging stations are not included in the monthly rate – for this you will always receive a separate invoice. The e-Golf can also be charged at household power sockets, we supply you with a suitable charging cable for this too. However, it is still quicker at a charging station.

Is there a minimum contract term?

After a minimum term of three months, you can cancel your WeDrive subscription. The cancellation period is four weeks. You can subscribe to your e-Golf for up to six months at a time. If you would like to cancel the subscription, please contact us here: we-care@we-drive.io.

Which documents do I need for registration?

To register, we need photos of an identification document (passport or identity card) and your driving license. Are you already registered with WeShare? Then skip this identification step. In a final phone conversation with us, we'll sort out get rid of any remaining questions – and that's it.

How can I pay?

For the start we offer payment by credit card or PayPal. Your subscription price will be debited at the beginning of your subscription. If there are additional costs, for example for charging, you'll get a separate invoice.

Can I choose the equipment of my e-Golf myself?

In order to provide you with your car as quickly and flexibly as possible, we have preconfigured the e-Golf extensively and we are sure that the equipment leaves nothing to be desired.

How is the e-Golf equipped?

Exterior paint: White Silver Metallic - Interior: Black/Titanium Black/Pearl Gray - "Blind Spot" sensor with parking assistant - 2 USB interfaces, also for iPod/iPhone - Active Info Display, multicolored, various info profiles selectable - CCS charging socket - Theft alarm system "Plus" - Cable for AC charging station incl. standard mains charging cable for household - Light and vision package incl. Light Assist - "Park Assist" parking assistant incl. parking aid - Proactive occupant protection system in conjunction with "Front Assist" - "Rear View" rear view camera - Keyless locking and starting system "Keyless Access" with safe lock - Electrically adjustable, folding, heated exterior mirrors - Ambient lighting - Winter package - Heat pump - e-sound - Booster seat for children - Plugsurfing charging card for public charging stations

Where can I go with the e-Golf?

You can take your e-Golf within Europe to the nine countries that border Germany: Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Please notify us via email in advance if you plan to stay for over two weeks at a time: we-care@we-drive.io. When driving, please be aware that the actual range in practice varies depending on driving style, speed, use of comfort/additional amenities, outside temperature, number of passengers/load and topography. An orientation is provided for the respective vehicle by the range mentioned, which is expected to be reached by 80% of our customers on average per year. The lower limit of the range also covers journeys at moderate highway speeds and journeys at low outside temperatures in winter. The practical range for the e-Golf is 170–230 kilometers.

How do I get help?

Please contact we-care@we-drive.io for general questions and remarks regarding our product. We will answer as quickly as possible. In an emergency or for technical support you can contact our support team during our business hours from Monday – Friday, 9AM–5PM. This number and further information is provided in the WeDrive App.